Safe and Sound from Take-off to Landing

Safe and Sound from Take-off to Landing

Approximately one-fifth of all work-related accidents happen on the way to or from work. Whilst your employer has very little influenceon this, you do! Fatigue plays a decisive role in one out of every four or five serious traffic accidents. On long drives on the motorway and on monotonous routes, a driver’s concentration decreases while the risk of falling asleep increases. Tired eyes, the need to rub your eyes continually and shivering are warning signs which should be taken seriously. The same applies if you find it hard remembering situations that have just occurred. As such, the regulation which stipulates that your domicile should be close to the airport serves to protect your safety as it avoids the need for long drives before or after work. Do you think that most accidents occur before or after flight duty? What is the main cause of carelessness and leads to potential accidents? Is it the stress of leaving home a bit too late and the concern over arriving at work on time or is it the physical exhaustion after a flight? Studies have shown that more flight attendants have accidents on the way to work than on their way home.

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